XtremeMac's AirPlay

There are times when headphones and earbuds are too intrusive or isolating. Especially in the car where fiddling with the cords and the position on the ears can distract you while driving. Unfortunately, unless you've just purchased the latest BMW, or can shell out a few hundred for an aftermarket direct connect for an iPod your options are limited. If you have a cassette player, there are adaptors for that, but if you are like us, you have only a CD player and a AM/FM radio.

Several makers of iPod accessories have stepped in to supply FM transmitters. You may have already heard of the first, and most popular of them called the iTrip, provided by Griffin Technology. The price range can vary from $8 to $125, but in our experience, the best value for money spent is the AirPlay by XtremeMac

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