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jwmpc is run by the husband-and-wife team of John & Wenie Morgan. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, eventually it will have a physical storefront, what the web calls a "bricks-and-mortar" store. For now, this website serves as the main interaction point.

Wenie loves clothes, and John is fascinated by electronics, especially the kind that is easily carried and used. Our retail section reflects these interests, and makes jwmpc unique as a small store. Not simply general merchandise, our products are meant to make life on-the-go easier, more interesting and stylish.

John is also a magazine Art Director, and can design and produce for both the web and print. Also he is dedicated to what he calls "Electronic Print". Audible books and movies are nice, but essentially non-literate, that is, does not require the mental activity known as reading. Many fine websites dedicate themselves to reading, including Project Gutenberg. John's goal is to make reading electronically as simple and enjoyable as reading regular books. Check out our service section for design assistance and more.

So go explore the rest of the site. This page, "subjectives", will act as a sort of news page for this store. Check often for announcements and updates.